English Public Speaking Training Workshop
Speaking confidently and fluently in English is not only a demonstration of multiple abilities, but also an important way to expand international vision. As the organizer of the "21st Century Cup" National English speech contest (Hong Kong Division), VDO English launched a special school public speech training workshop for the whole territory.

Our senior professional tutors will carry out special training around the key skills of public speaking, and practice with students through interesting and interactive ways to help students improve their self-confidence and expressiveness. After completing the workshop, the students who win the selection competition in the school will directly enter the preliminary competition of the "21st Century Cup" National English Speech Competition (Hong Kong Division) on behalf of the school. All students participating in the workshop can be awarded workshop certificates.
Content & Features
• Understand the basic skills of public speaking
• Language and voice control
• Body language
• Group trainings & trials
Date: September 2023 to March 2024 (Scheduled pertinent to school's preference)
Duration: 8-10 hours (Divided into 8 sessions at most)
Form: face-to-face/online
Location: School

We could arrange a campus contest at your school, the winners of which will represent the school, advancing directly to the Semi-Finals of the 7th "21 Century Cup" English Speaking Competition (Hong Kong). Contact us for more information.

Deadline for registration: 29 February 2024
Contact for enquiries: 3465 5410 (Ms Yu) or 3465 5443 (Ms Mak) or 9593 4399 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: nesc@vdoenglish.com
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