The“21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition, initiated by the China Daily Gr...

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Geng Xiaoling - Ten Outstanding Young Persons
Here's what judges say
  • Robert Ireland
    Senior Advisor, China Daily
    I think it’s kind of competition where you would like to see more winners, deserving young people who came well prepared, who gave excellent presentations.
  • Cyril Pereira
    Former Chairman Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA)
    Very impressive! The students really projected their passion and their knowledge.
  • Sally Watson
    Senior Teacher for Secondary Courses, British Council
    I was very impressed with the level of English of the contestants, generally the pronunciations were clear, and the speeches were very easy to follow.
Students Experiences
  • Katarina SHINGSt. Paul's Convent School
    This year I had the opportunity to represent HK in joining the 21st century English speaking competition and it was definitely a chance of a lifetime. Not only did I have a valuable experience and comments from the judges, but I also made friends. This life changing experience has certainly broadened my horizons.
  • Barsa RAISt. Mary's Canossian College
    Whenever I reminisce about my experience with "21st Century Cup", it always brings a smile to my face. The best part was when I had a moment of epiphany, when I realized the true purpose of public speaking. Initially, I felt the purpose was simply to look confident but afterwards, I discovered that there was more to it. Public speaking to me now is about being creative, being able to highlight issues affecting the world and in the end, to move your audience with your words. Overall, beautiful is the only word I can use to define the wondrous adventure.


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